The history of the BJGA

In 1975 the Bermuda Golf Association (BGA) formed the Golf Development Committee which forged the basic development for junior golf in Bermuda. As the junior program developed, it was deemed necessary to bring overseas players to the island to provide competition for the local juniors and the first annual Atlantic International Junior golf Championships took place at Port Royal Golf Course in August 1977. This major championship provided excellent exposure through the press and with the young players. The junior program gathered considerable momentum as a consequence, with more and more members joining and an overall increase in the standard of play followed. The junior golf program eventually required a more sophisticated administration and its own identity and the BJGA evolved as an affiliate of the BGA, with the first meeting of the BJGA held on December 28, 1983. Until the BJGA was incorporated in 1997, it operated as an association with a Constitution with the aims of providing the young golfers of Bermuda the best 'development and tournament' program possible. The BJGA was incorporated August 29, 1997 as a limited company for charitable purposes with the objects of the company being "to promote the sport of golf among the young people of these Islands."

The BJGA Today

The BJGA continues to be an active organization with nearly 100 playing members. In addition to major tournaments, there are weekly tournaments; monthly medal tournaments; and numerous other BJGA events. Junior players are also selected to play in various overseas tournaments. The BJGA is administered entirely by volunteers and the organizations funding comes entirely  the membership and sponsor donations. The BJGA promotes the development of the sport of golf in Bermuda and is enthusiastically recruiting new players the community. Please contact us for further info.