Why Junior Golf?
Junior golf is a great sport for young boys and girls for many reasons. For starters, golf is an individual sport. While a golfer can blame a bad shot on all sorts of reasons, at the end of the round, the player knows it is just them, the clubs and a ball. While this at times may be frustrating, it also provides the ultimate satisfaction as well.

Golf gets a person outside and is physical. A golf course is about four miles long, so walking a golf course and carrying a golf bag is good exercise. And of course being outside in Bermuda is wonderful... OK, not maybe when it is blowing 30 knots and raining - but that builds character!

Parents will discover that golf promotes many positive life skills and lessons, no matter what skill level is achieved in the sport. Focus, self control, concentration, honesty, self motivation, attention to detail, listening, how to be a good winner and loser, time management, self reliance, and good interpersonal skills are among the skills required on the golf course. Typically, junior golfers will be more focused at school, since the same skills required on a golf course are those which are necessary in the classroom.

Golf is a sport a person can play for life. Learning the basics of golf at young ages will translate to better playing and greater enjoyment of the game throughout their lifetime.

Golf can be a good family activity. A family can play golf together and enjoy spending time doing what they all enjoy.

Most importantly, golf is fun. Golf is a social sport and the junior golfers develop a strong social network with their playing partners and competitors. These may be children from other schools on the Island, so it gives them a chance to interact with others that they might not meet in school.

Tips For parents

Get involved in the BJGA and show your support of your child’s sport. There are many opportunities for parent involvement which do not require that you be a golfer. This will encourage your youngster to keep playing and to put the practice time in.

Be a partner not a coach. Unless you are a golf professional, it is best to leave the coaching to the professional. This may be hard at times, but the parent’s main role is to provide encouragement, especially after a disappointing shot or round.

Keep it fun. No child will want to keep doing anything that is not fun, so encourage your child to enjoy the game and to practice. Practise makes perfect as they say and every child wants to see their game improve.

Play with your children. If you play golf, play with your children for fun. Golf can be a wonderful family sport.