Tournaments > FUNGolf Senior/Junior - 25 March
Tournament Information
FUNGolf Senior/Junior - 25 March
Date: March,25,2017
Golf Course(s): FunGolf

Registration Deadline: 2017-03-23
Event Details:

3:30pm at FUNGolf in Dockyard.


This will be a Senior/Junior or adult/child day with teams of 2 (but could be three if there are younger or non-golfing siblings). Please feel free to bring siblings/friends and golfers/non-golfers alike as this is meant to be a fun afternoon. 


Cost: $10.00 per player which will be payable to FUNgolf directly on the day. 


There will be small prizes for the lowest scoring teams. 

Starter 1: Chris Brough - 5332409 or 707 1768
Marshall 1: Chris Brough - 5332409