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Tournament and Intermediate - 3 December
Date: December,3,2016
Golf Course(s): Turtle Hill at Fairmont Southampton

Registration Deadline: 2016-12-01
Event Details:

Tee Times begin at 2:00 at Fairmont Turtle Hill. 



You may have all read about Danny King's magnificent score of 58 (-12) at Belmont on Monday at the Gosling's Invitational. Unforunately, Mr. King's week ended prematurely after signing an incorrect scorecard on Tuesday due to confusion and incoorect procedure in connection with an unplayable lie. The facts in the reported story are difficult to decipher, but it sounds like it was a fairly novel and complex scenario involving free relief (GUR) and unplayable lies. As it is topical, the rule of the week this week is Unplayable Lies. Please see the USGA video below for a quick education on unplayable lies and the correct procedure:

Starter 1: Chris Smith - 704 6465
Marshall 1: Chris Smith - 704 6465