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Tournament Information
Tournament and Intermediate - 12 November *Medal*
Date: November,12,2016
Golf Course(s): Port Royal Golf Course

Registration Deadline: 2016-11-10
Event Details:

Tee times begin at 2:00.

Only Blue Tee will play 18 holes. White/Red will play 12 holes and Intermediates will play usual 9 holes from Intermediate Tees

This will be the second Monthly Medal Round of the Season. 

Monthly Medal Series One round each month will be designated as the Monthly Medal round. Players compete over the whole season against others in their group and each month points are awarded for the top five (5) gross scores as follows:

1st place 10 pts
2nd place 8 pts
3rd place 6 pts
4th place 4 pts
5th place 2 pts

Ties will not be broken and players tied will share the points of all places tied, e.g. if there are two players tied for first, they will each receive 9 points (10+8 / 2). At the end of the season prizes will be awarded to the top point winner in each Tee Division with the highest point winner in each division being crowned the Monthly Medal Series Champion. The Monthly Medal Series order of merit standings will be based on each player’s aggregate monthly medal points; all months will be counted. 

Starter 1: Chris Smith - 704 6465
Marshall 1: Chris Smith - 704 6465