Tournaments > NOVICE - Ocean View - Saturday 8:30 (FULL)
Tournament Information
NOVICE - Ocean View - Saturday 8:30 (FULL)
Date: September,24,2016
Golf Course(s): Ocean View Golf Course

Registration Deadline: 0000-00-00
Event Details:

Novice Group Lessons (This Class is full)

Day and Time: Saturday - 8:30 to 9:15

Location: Ocean View Golf Course

Instructor: Chris Smith – 704 6465 (tel) (email)

Dress Code: Please wear golfing attire and golf or athletic shoes

Equipment: If you have your own golf clubs, please bring them. If not, we will provide equipment for you to use at the lessons



Pharaoh Benevides

Sage Benevides

Evelyn Czember

Jolie Davis

Kristian Davis

Lucas Davis

Sienna Mehta

Gaspard Vennin

Starter 1: Chris Smith - 704 6465