Tournaments > Saturday 12 March - Grey Goose Par 3 Volunteering
Tournament Information
Saturday 12 March - Grey Goose Par 3 Volunteering
Date: March,12,2016
Golf Course(s): Turtle Hill at Fairmont Southampton

Registration Deadline: 2016-03-12
Event Details:

Paul Adams has asked if the BJGA players can assist with volunteering this Saturday at teh Grey Goose Par 3 Championships.  Please contact Paul Adams directly if you would like to volunteer at any point during the day -  


Times - the tournament will run from 7:00am - 6:00pm - there is a large field of profressionals and amateurs. ANY TIME during the day would be appreciated by Paul and the Fairmont Team. In your email, please indicate when you would be able to assist (time of arrival and time you would be picked up). 


What will you be doing - My understanding is that the BJGA volunteers (and their parents, if parents would like to assist) would be assisting with scoring - walking scorers/leaderboard updates.