The BJGA has a long list of alumni who continue to enjoy the game of golf at all levels. Recent alumni who have turned professional include Daniel Augustus (now at Tucker's Point), Nick Jones (now at Riddell's Bay) and Ryan Roberts (now at Turtle Hill). Camiko Smith has been playing his way across Canada to warm up for the European PGA qualifiying school later this year and we all wish him good luck in his endeavors. Other former Bermuda Junior Golfers continue to play golf to a high standard in the amateur ranks, with all four member of the 2015 NatWest Island Games men's team (Jarryd Dillas, William Haddrell, Damian Palanyandi and Mark Phillips) and one of women's team (Ebonie Burgess) being alumni of the BJGA and current BJGA member Elizabeth Parsons also played on the women's team.


The BJGA is going to make an effort to reconnect with its alumni in the next 3 years as we lead up to the BJGA's 40th anniversary in 2018; watch this space.

The history of the BJGA

In 1975 the Bermuda Golf Association (BGA) formed the Golf Development Committee which forged the basic development for junior golf in Bermuda. As the junior program developed, it was deemed necessary to bring overseas players to the island to provide competition for the local juniors and the first annual Atlantic International Junior golf Championships took place at Port Royal Golf Course in August 1977. This major championship provided excellent exposure through the press and with the young players. The junior program gathered considerable momentum as a consequence, with more and more members joining and an overall increase in the standard of play followed. The junior golf program eventually required a more sophisticated administration and its own identity and the BJGA evolved as an affiliate of the BGA, with the first meeting of the BJGA held on December 28, 1983. Until the BJGA was incorporated in 1997, it operated as an association with a Constitution with the aims of providing the young golfers of Bermuda the best 'development and tournament' program possible. The BJGA was incorporated August 29, 1997 as a limited company for charitable purposes with the objects of the company being "to promote the sport of golf among the young people of these Islands."

The BJGA Today

The BJGA continues to be an active organization with nearly 100 playing members. In addition to major tournaments, there are weekly tournaments; monthly medal tournaments; and numerous other BJGA events. Junior players are also selected to play in various overseas tournaments. The BJGA is administered entirely by volunteers and the organizations funding comes entirely  the membership and sponsor donations. The BJGA promotes the development of the sport of golf in Bermuda and is enthusiastically recruiting new players the community. Please contact us for further info.

The BJGA is an active organization with nearly 100 members. From September to June the BJGA provides weekly programming for all levels of junior golfer in Bermuda. The BJGA also works to secure entries into overseas events for Bermuda's junior golfers. The BJGA is administered entirely by volunteers who work closely with Bermuda's golf courses and BPGA professionals to provide the BJGA's programmes. The BJGA is looking to make the game of golf more acessible, enjoyable and affordable for Bermuda's young people.


How do I know what level to sign my child up for?

For returning Members, we monitor scores and skills assesssments throughout the season. New Members, please see the Programmes Page in the Membership section for guidance. We will have an assessment for any player who does not fit into the "beginner" or Novice category of golfer. If you have questions, send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we may assist.

My friends and family want to come watch me play. Can they do that?
The BJGA encourages spectators and supporters to watch their junior golfers and all of our members. Spectators must adhere to the guidelines found on the Get Involved page. 
When can I move up to the next group?
Generally, at the beginning of the quarter next following your reaching the necessary standard of scoring. Any promotions are at the discretion of the Board who will take into account a player’s age, maturity level and disciplinary record. The guidelines are found on the Policies and Procedures page.
How do I find out if a tournament is cancelled for weather or other reasons?
Any decision to cancel play will be made by the BJGA as soon as possible and will be communicated to the host course and the Starter. If it is clear on Friday evening that play cannot take place on Saturday, the BJGA will make an announcement on the website.


It is raining and windy, will we play?

In the Tournament Player group, most likely ‘yes’, but the exception to this is if there is lightning in the area, or if the wind is strong enough to move the ball on the putting surface. In these latter conditions, play will be cancelled. For the Novice and Intermediate groups, rain will likely cancel play that day - please contact your instructor or starter for confirmation (phone numbers on the Tournament Page). 

What clubs should I buy for my junior player?

First of all, do not rush out to buy clubs for a child who is just showing an interest in golf. Golf is a difficult game and not all kids stick with it. The last thing we want (and you want) is to have kids forced to play because the familty just forked out $500 on a set of golf clubs (and the shoes, and the gloves and the balls...etc.). We have clubs which the kids can use when just starting out. If they like the game and want to keep playing, then look at buying a set of clubs.

Historically, juniors have learned to play golf with cut-down adult clubs. While this still works, technology has come a long way in the past 20 years and children's clubs, i.e. clubs designed for children at different stages of their growth, are now more prevalent. If your young child is showing an interest in the game, we would recommend purchasing a set of clubs that fit your junior player. Adult clubs are longer, heavier and less flexible than junior clubs which make it more difficult for a junior to play to their full potential without compensating in their swing. The good news is that junior clubs are readily available new or used and they are relatively inexpensive. All the major club manufacturers make sets of junior clubs. In addition US Kids Golf manufactures only children's clubs. Junior clubs from US Kids Golf come in fives sizes based on height and or gender. As your child grows and develops, they will most likely need new clubs along the way that match their height and performance characteristics (such as swing speed). 

If you need advice, ask your BJGA coach or club professional.

The 2015/16 overseas selection criteria will be posted shortly. 



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